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Scuffling just out of sight, the creature sniffed the air and reared it 's head. It caught her scent. It 's leathery black skin made it easier to disappear into the shadows of the forest they were in. The people it was hunting had no such talent.

Among the people, a shorter figure in the front froze. He heard the rustling in the forest and tried not to let fear cloud their judgment.

“Rekkr,” a voice said, trying to jar the leader out of his trance. Rekkr raised a finger to where his lips would be behind a thick mask. He then flattened his hand in a halting motion.

Soon everyone in the group could hear the twigs snapping coming from the thick brush around the path they followed. They waited for their leader’s orders.

Rekkr looked up from the ground, breaking from his train of thought. The village was in sight; though that was no statement. It was on fire, and anyone with the gift of vision could see the smoke from miles away. The screaming from the village made the warriors sweat, but their leader commanded patience.

He turned slowly and faced his pack of warriors. For once, his party found comfort in his masked face, for he could show no sign of fear.

Pointing a gloved hand at the back portion of the group, he swept his hand in front of him and jerked his thumb at the burning village they were trying to get to. His squad understood immediately, and half of them edged forward to get a head start.

He touched the hilt of his worn and dirty sword while arching

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