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Surprises Aren’t Always Pleasant

I wake up to the sound of a woodpecker. Why am I even here? How did I get in my bed? These questions raced through my mind as I searched for a possible answer. Maybe it was just a dream. Yeah, just a dream.

I put that "dream" (more like a nightmare) aside as I put on some black tights, a long grey shirt, a pair of black flats and go to my vanity, where I grab a grey scrunchie. I put my hair in a messy bun with the scrunchie, grab my keys, and leave.

I go outside, where I find my car missing. I get so red and angry, I can barely contain myself. I noticed that my neighbor is watering some vegetables in her garden. She never liked me. "Mrs. Sanches! Have you seen my car?!" No response. "Fine! I 'll walk! Ya know what?! I 'll go to Kiara 's!" I shout out and began walking. Neither I or Kiara have to work on Saturdays, so she should be home.

We don 't live that far away, but walking there took, like, two hours! Ok, over-exaggeration, I know. It was more like 45 minutes. I turned that last corner.

I finally saw her blue house with white trimmings from across the street. Oh no! What happened?!

I see Kiara, my beautiful medium length dark brown haired, pale skinned friend, trying to walk as femininely as possible to her car, crying ferociously. I saw the big, no huge, crocodile tears fall from her blueish-green eyes, down her cheek and neck, and fall to the ground. I noticed that she 's wearing a black sparkly, long-sleeved dress, black high
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