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Lindenderry: When I was venue hunting, I came back to Ash with my favorite venue (Lindenderry) and Ash thought it looked super familiar. Ash forgot he took a picture at Lindenderry (well before he met me) when he was there for a work conference and thought “If I ever get married, this is where I’d love to get married”. Amazing that we both loved the same place. Lindenderry is a chic winery set in the country, surrounded by cheese farms, hot springs and less than 10 minutes from the beach in the Mornington Peninsula. Choosing Lindenderry, it was the long beautiful path between the vines that won us over for an unforgettable ceremony. It’s a real show-stopper. The feel was chic and …. At the same time. Also the grounds were spectacular…show more content…
Bride Dress: I think because I have modeled for many bridal and couture companies before, people were expecting me to wear some thing super modern and over the top but honestly, I just wanted some thing simple, elegant and traditional. I picked a Sophia Tolli dress because I was in love with the soft lace detail on the bottom. When I put the dress on with the veil, I actually felt like a ‘real’ bride and cried. That’s how I knew this was the one. Some thing Blue: I had personalized Mrs Shilkin stickers on the bottom of my shoes. Some thing old: On my bouquet I had a beautiful gold broach that belonged to my grandma. My dear old grandfather had fallen very ill before the wedding and held the broach while he prayed for Ash and I all the success of a life long marriage like he has had. He has been married to my grandma for since he was 17 years old. My mum also handed me her herloom pearls that have been worn at all the weddings since by Nanna’s marriage. It was pretty special. Gold Headpiece: The headpiece I wore pre-ceremony and at reception, the idea was inspired by a Trunk Show email my bridal store Raffaele Ciuca sent me showing a collection of girls wearing modern design gold headpieces. Also, I had a pageant background, so it was a fun way to tie in that element. Up till the day of the wedding, I was not sure that the headpiece would suit my dress but it all
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