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I walked along the shoreline, pleasantly stepping from rock to rock with my fishing rod in one hand and my tackle box in the other. Even though the sun was barely hovering over the horizon, there was still an hour of good daylight left. As I looked for a place where I wanted to fish. I admired the orange reflection on the ocean. I stepped down off the big rocks, and continued on my path, stepping over seashells, bunches of seaweed, and the occasional washed up buoy. Farther down the seashore, I finally found a spot with a big boulder that jutted out into the ocean from which I could fish. I made my way out to the tip of it, and was soaked by a wave that had slammed up against the face of the rock. I tasted that distance saltiness of ocean…show more content…
A good hour and a half passed without my catching anything, but I kept at it. Even though I had not experienced the exhilaration of hooking a fish, i was certainly enjoying this change from my normal life routine. I continued casting and reeling in my lure as I stared at the ripples created by its erratic movements in the water, and listened to the powerful waves crashing against the shore. This repetitive and care free activity offered me an opportunity to reflect, and it helped me to clear my mind. My reflection was suddenly cut short, as I felt a strong tap on my line, signifying a fish had hit my lure. I gave a quick flick of my wrist, setting the hook. I began to work the fish towards me. The bass was relentless and was not going to be caught without giving up a fight. My mind was so focused on getting this fish to shore that i forgot everything that was going through my head. The full fight, which must have taken about 10 minutes, seemed to last a minute to me. I landed the fish, held it by its lip, and removed the lure from its mouth. I looked at this creature of the sea, that I had just fought to bring to shore. It lay curiously still as I studied it, with only its rapidly fluttering gills showing any signs of life, as they gasped for air. Its camouflage was now on full display for me. The brown greens spotted back, a perfect blend of the sea floor, and the silver scales on its underbelly flashing crimson in the dying rays of the sun. After a short
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