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“Faster,” said Felatina, with an assured air of command.
Obediently, Blondie increased his speed and – I noticed – his pleasure. His mouth was opening soundlessly now, another sign of his enjoyment I knew so well. He was breathing heavily too. Felatina kept him rowing and rowing, to the point where I thought he was going to spray his love juice. However, the potion was working well and although he showed all the physical signs of being close to orgasm, the actual event was not happening. I smiled at Marianna as we giggled about what kind of sensation that must be for a man.
“I cannot wait for Hunky to be fit enough to row...” I laughed.
Felatina stopped Blondie and slid the hoop off his penis, telling him to stand. He rose from the seat a
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He was powerless to resist as she used the device to pull him into an X–shape. His balls were now available for anyone to touch and he had no way of stopping them.
“And just to show him who is in charge...” teased Felatina.
Blondie felt a gentle pull on his penis and looked down. His rock hard erection was being slowly eased forward so rather than pointing upwards it was pointing towards us. He fidgeted uncomfortably.
“I will not move it too far,” said Felatina, “Pulling beyond a certain angle can cause a lot of pain and this evening is about pleasure.”
She adjusted the wheels slightly, allowing his penis to straighten up, his legs to move back together, and his arms to lower. Immediately, he covered his penis again.
Felatina produced a large feather and smiled. Blondie looked nervous, while we all laughed in anticipation. She turned a wheel and Blondie’s legs were pulled wide open. He tried to keep his hands in front of his manhood as she turned another wheel. Slowly but surely he was forced to reveal himself again. As soon as he was back in the X–position, she stepped forward.
Blondie laughed, squirmed, writhed, and fidgeted as she stroked his bare balls with the feather. It was lovely to watch. His penis throbbed and jerked as the tickling went on.
I turned to Marianna and we giggled as we speculated about how much Blondie was enjoying
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