Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I doubled over as I threw up suddenly on the sidewalk. A heavy torrent of bile and whatever else had lined my stomach. I noticed tears cascade down my cheeks as I heaved and gagged, acid burning my throat and my nose as I clutched my stomach. Falling to my knees, I spat on the ground as I tried to breathe evenly.
After my stomach seemed to settle I carried on, stumbling over my own feet. My legs felt like lead, my arms stiff beside me. The backpack in my hand dangling limply, scraping the ground. emptiness didn 't fade, not this time. I had spent so long thinking about it all, I had spent ages mulling it over in my head, contemplating every move.
Numbness suddenly took over me, uncaring ice piercing my skin and shooting through my veins. As much as I knew people needed me, how much my mum needed me. None of that mattered in the inky street. The only thing that mattered was the glimmering dark hope in the back of my mind, the one bringing me closer and closer to my end.
I had planned all of it. A note was pre-written, safely tucked away in my desk drawer. It pained me, writing that letter might 've been the hardest thing I had ever do This would be what people remembered me from. The last one-sided conversation scrawled onto compressed, bleached wood that would have to suffice my last words. The words that would stick with me forever. Nothing I had written seemed enough, enough to console my family when they eventually found it. To convince them it was better this way. In…
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