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This was perfect I was at my old high school talking to my crush Lisa Benfield, she was laughing at the funny joke I told her and Jase was their trying hard to get Lisa 's attion but I had it all. I was wearing my varsity jacket with the number one on it and my name as I was walking Lisa to class I saw out the corner of my Jase crying like a little baby and then it happened I was going to ask Lisa to the prom. "Lisa I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me " " You really want me to go to the dance with you and not that soggy macaroon Jase oh why Rudolph I-" "BEEP" "BEEP" "BEEP" i was jolted awake by my alarm clock causing me to fall out of bed causing a loud "THUMP" I got up and stared at my clock " OH DOODLES I 'M…show more content…
Now miss nosey has been alive so long her bible is autographed by the man himself. she also has this weird hatred against young people and how where a bunch of idiots who let computers do everything but as soon as her internets not working and she needs me to fix it, all of a sudden I 'm the genius that will save us all. Anyway you get the picture " why hello miss nosey -I mean rosy how are you this lovely morning" I said in a fake chirpy tone "mr. pelenski don 't you dare start i need you to shut up all that darn yelling and will you please shut off that loud ruckus that is being cause by your dryer" she yelled and stomped off to her door. I looked over to my dryer and remembered I put my pants in their. I quickly took them out and put them on. as I was leaving my apartment i saw misses nosey 's small Chihuahua that hated me. As soon as he saw me he instantly started barking and growling. "Good boy" "stay where you are" I said as calmly as I could, I was trying to get that little demonic manic to stay where he was. as I walked past miss nosey came back out (thankfully dressed in proper clothing) " get him boy". To make a long story short I ran for my life I felt as though I ran for miles ( I really didn 't just three blocks). Just imagine my manager, Mr. Flump surprise as I walked in the café with not only a wet shirt but a sweaty one at that not to mention I probably smell like poopoo. "urine this is the second time this

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