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Hi!! Welcome to my next Kellic which I 'm real excited to introduce. I wanted to state real fast that this book is currently titled Trouble - Stripped, but it may change at the end to just Trouble. The reason I might change it is because this book may be able to be twisted into a series, therefore the second book would be titled Stripped. Kellin and Vic are both very rebellious throughout the entire book, so don 't be surprised if there 's violence or rule breaking. Also, there 's going to be a lot of smut in this book... And I mean a lot. You probably shouldn 't read if you don 't like that, but for those of you who do: Enjoy! - - Suspension isn 't necessarily the first thing you want to hear your priciple utter, but for me it was normal. I 've lost count of how many times I 've visited this office over my high school years. It was almost like a second home to me, and not welcoming one either. "Two weeks, I 'll call your mom and ask her to come pick you up." My principle, Mrs. Webb spoke irritably before turning in her chair and digging out my mom 's number. An exasperated sigh escaped my lips as they talked for a few moments before she hung up and left me alone on the black, leather couch. I laid down on it, staring at the blank white ceiling. I knew I was trouble, but I couldn 't lie and say I didn 't like the chaos. It 's a bitter feeling, which happens to be favorite. Personally, two weeks seems unfair. I 've done much worse than graffiti the lockers and steal some
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