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The sound of car horns honking, trains whistling, and the sudden halt of our car in reaching traffic caused me to wake abruptly. “Welcome to the Bronx” read the overhead sign; a jolt of excitement ran through my body as we were approaching the Stadium. I then realized that I was going to witness the iconic Derek Jeter complete his final season. Childhood memories were reappearing as the loud mouthed New Yorkers Hollered and polluted fumes were settling. Bronx, New York is truly a place one needs to visit. After paying for an overpriced parking spot, we began our five block hike to Yankee Stadium. The hectic sidewalks were as gum filled as my high school desks along with promoters harassing pedestrians. It seemed as though no one got along outside of Yankee Stadium, aggressive expressions overtook the streets. Whether is was the ticket sharks, homeless looking for change, or cars looking to switch lanes, the chaos was all around.
“Arms up sir”, the guard said. I was being searched at the gates. She allowed me to step forward to hand the pretty lady my ticket.
“Enjoy the game honey” she said, as I strolled through heavens gates to see the most beautiful diamond known to sports.
Navigating through crowds of fans proudly wearing Yankees attire, we were pointed to our section and stumbled through the rows to finally take a seat. Ensuing batting practice, it was time to go to our reservations at memorial park, the sacred Yankee memorabilia show room. Game worn jerseys for every
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