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The alluring sun rays peak through the clouds at Ponder Park as I step on the misty lawn. The sweet faces of those who have arrived, peer into the distance. The park represents a heinous, yet endearing place. Unexpectedly, a numbing breeze rushes throughout my entire being. Although I’m tired, the abrupt glimpse of the landscapes beauty glorifies me. As I begin to stretch my legs to run, I sense the tightness of my thigh loosen. I listen to the mumbles of all of my teammates as their voices surround me. The wind plays with the broken, chartreuse, leaves. It whispers, turning towards the ears of those who listen. Meanwhile, the ravens sway from tree to tree seeking adventure. Before I know it, Coach Smith calls us to do some warm-up laps. While I brace myself for the first lap, I inhale deeply; enough to cause my throat to feel the burning oxygen escape my lungs. I then sprint, one foot after another. With each step, I view the wet sod sinking into the mud, creating my shoe’s unique image. Alternatively, I can detect my heart beating out of my chest: blood is pumping throughout my body. The rush of my body heat is coming so fast that the brisk air clings to me. Bringing a chill across my spinal cord. Reaching the concrete, I hear a pop of a sprinkler burst. The second I race through it, the freshwater thrashes onto my skin; stealing any warmth I had begun with. Incidentally, I realize the water traveling beside the curb; forming its own lane. Splashes blissfully
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