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I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm clock, charming like church bells when it strikes noon. I open my eyes; it’s bright from the early morning sun gleaming through the cracks of my blinds, bouncing off the four walls. As I lay in my bed thinking about today’s chores, they run through my head like a batter just hitting a home run. I finally motivate myself enough to walk down a flight of stairs that feels like a lifetime to go down. A silence breaks through the dusty air that I feel is choking me with every breath I take. No one is home, I’m all alone. Downstairs in the living room, it is quite. The curtains block the sun from hitting my eyes. I sit in a wooden rocking chair, set by the window. I’m able to watch the wind catch…show more content…
It was like an awkward silence between two people when they first meet. It is very possible there is no ending. Maybe it is just the beginning. I seemed to have drifted off deep. I’m starting to see a new light. This time it is not so bright as the suns beams. The more light I am seeing, a smile appears on my face. The first time on so long, I had a smile that looked to be real. A porcelain doll, the smile is pretty with pink flushed lips and teeth white as snow. What am I seeing? What is making me feel this way? The light begins to fade. I see people I have never seen before, but they know my name. They greet me one by one shaking my hand that feels wet on cold from the nerves in my body. Who are these people? It looks like a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and flowers are blooming. I feel happy, I feel like I’m famous. When people cheer for you and take pictures, it’s like the red carpet is just for me. Where does this carpet lead me? It looks so long, but shortly I get to the end. There are three doors that appear in front of me. One to my left, one straight ahead of me and one to my right. The crowd tells me to choose a door. I’m scared, not sure what the doors are for. I want out of this story, this impossible dream I am having. But I’m not sure if I want to leave this happy feeling. The best feeling I have ever had. I begin to hear the church bells again, wondering where they are coming from, I look around at the people, and they are beginning
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