Descriptive Essay : ' Peek A Boo '

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Her soft blue eyes gaze out the glass windows as she watches the sun play ‘peek-a-boo’ behind the lush green trees. Sleekly, she winds down the clear barrier and allows the gentle morning breeze blow her bleached blond hair. “Olivia we’re here”, says Dad. A sudden jolt rushes down her back. She bites her lips. Her rosy cheeks start to loose colour faster than a blink of an eye. “Breathe Olivia, it’s going to be ok,” she tells herself. Haltingly she steps out of her father 's Jet Black Volkswagen. “Good Luck”, wishes her Dad. She forces a weak smile as she pushes the door shut with her frail hands. Step by step she starts walking towards the main entrance. Her eyes widen in disbelief. She looks up and sees an enormous two-story building,…show more content…
Her shaky hands graciously accept the handshake. She notices a strange strip of blue paint covers Stacy’s right hand but, she chooses to ignore it. She lets out a sigh of relief. Olivia carefully hands the scrunched piece of paper to Stacy. “Aah, you have math with me!” They approach a yellow door dressed in math symbols that warmly greet them inside. A decent sized room with navy blue carpet and desks symmetrically set in pairs awaits them. “Come sit next to me,” says Stacy. Olivia follows Stacy down to the back of the class. They sit close to the back door. Eagerly she watches as her new classmates walk in. A tiny fair skinned woman walks in. She’s dressed in a lilac purple skirt and a white blouse. “Good Morning” she welcomes the class. “This is Miss Brown by the way,” says Stacy. “She’s really nice”. Olivia smiles “she seems nice”. Miss Brown starts doing the roll “Oh, It seems like we have a new student in our class” Her chocolate brown eyes look directly at Olivia. A rush of heat turns Olivia face blood red. “Hi” she squeaks. The whole entire class inspects Olivia. She can feel herself slowly sinking back into her hoodie. “Welcome to St Andrews you 're going to enjoy it here” Miss Brown 's smiles and carries on with class. “Hahaha” Olivia turns and sees Stacy laughing. “I’ll tell you right now, this school is horrible and you 're going to hate it,” says Stacy. Olivia stares at Stacy
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