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Jackson froysland,
Narrative summative

As I am up to bat I see my mom in the stand and she quick gives me a thumbs up. As soon as that happens I get a rush of adrenaline ready to hit the ball.

Once I woke up I went out to the kitchen to get some breakfast. My mom was working on some pillsbury cinnamon rolls and as soon as I came out of my room and into the kitchen she got the cinnamon rolls out of the oven.

“Wow perfect timing.” I said as I was walking into the kitchen.

Once she put them on a plate I ate them and the white cinnamon sauce tasted so good in my mouth that morning. After I was all finished with the pillsbury cinnamon rolls I went to my room and put my blue and white baseball uniform on and called my dad
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Once we got there and hour before game time we started to warm up as a team. And stretch. Once we were done all hitting in the batting cage we started to throw the ball to each other and get loose. Once the umpires arrived we started the game and on my team Blake Ottow, Blake Herron, and Andrew Kroft are the kids on our team which they are also in my grade.

Once we started the game we scored the first run of the game and that stayed that way for a while until they scored in the 5th inning and in the 6th inning they scored one more run and they won the game on a walk-off.

After the game the coaches took us to a spot away from the field and had us take our jerseys off and put them in a pile when we did that the team thought that we had to return our jerseys but we did that to give out the team bats and Colin Storey and Andrew Kroft each got one of the 2 team bats.

After that we headed home. And the car ride home was not good I puked on the side of the road because I was hot and when it is hot I puke. Once we got back to our cottage I felt way better but had a headache. Once my headache was done we hung out with our cousins for the rest of the weekend, and had a lot of fun even though the baseball season was over and summer was almost
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