Descriptive Essay : State Fair Memories

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JD Shrock Mrs. Colby Enlgish P1 4 October, 2017 State Fair Memories The sound of hooves walking on cement. The smell of horses is comforting in a way. People cheering and the announcer who broadcasts the times of runs in his “not-so excited voice”. It almost sounds as if he 's been announcing for a thousand years and is severely bored of it. Walking under the lights is intimidating-my breath is heavy, my palms sweaty, but I am ready. Ready to show the crowd what my horse and what I have to offer. But let me stop myself and tell you…show more content…
I thought "I am here to win and compete not with others but myself. I am here to show that you don 't need a Fancy eight year old American quarter horse to be a winner. That all you need is a goal and knowing how to execute it so you will reach it! " Still walking to the warm up pen, it is hot, scorching hot like your mouth is after eating jalapeños. The rain just stopped so, it smelled fresh like walking through the fragrance aisle in a store. Nearing the desk where you check in my nerves were bubbling up, like a volcano that could erupt any minute. Thank goodness that didn 't happen, that would have been embarrassing. Telling the announcer my name she checked me in and said "Good luck, your horse is very pretty" "Thank you" and we walk on as there are other people waiting to check in behind me. There are at least twenty horses warming up, turning every which way, stopping, backing. It is madness! It is like sardines in a can but they are still alive trying to get out and move. But finally being the last of the draw for group three they call my name saying "240, JD Shrock Henry County riding the Sophisticated Bronco,” the woman sitting to the side of the entrance told me. "Alright hun you can stand over there to wait as the other rider goes out don 't go in until they say so, and have fun." the
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