Descriptive Essay : ' Take A Deep Breath '

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Take a Deep Breath The ocean waves pounded the sand and slithered up to Cameryn’s feet. She bounded into the surf, each leap bringing the water deeper, to her knees, to her thighs, to her hips. Finally another breaker knocked her off her feet. She fell, laughing, and enjoyed the coolness of the water on her hot skin. Just as her feet found the sand again another wave crashed on her head and hammered her below the surface. She barely had time to grab a breath before the water closed over her. She tumbled and rolled beneath the waves. Which way was up? She was running out of air. Finally, she couldn’t hold her breath any longer, and her lungs sucked in the seawater. But she didn’t choke. She didn’t feel faint. Her head cleared, and she opened her eyes. She saw the sand beneath her, and the legs of other swimmers kicking below the surface. She exhaled the water from her lungs, and automatically sucked in another breath. It didn’t hurt. In fact, she felt fine, perfectly fine. I’m breathing underwater! This is so weird! She swam a little farther out, past the waves that were breaking above her, to where the water was calm and the sea floor dropped away. Cameryn could see schools of fish, rock formations, even what looked like a long buried object sticking out of the sand. I could stay down here for hours, she thought, as she spotted something huge in the distance. She decided to swim towards it, she was always a curious one, sometimes causing her curiousness to be a hamartia

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