Descriptive Essay : Tennis Competition

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They Look Very Intimidating I could recall the pressure of the tennis competition, and the sweat dripping down my head. I felt my palms sweat more and more as every second went by. The competition without my original team members was a misery. It was April, and the tennis season was over. That meant, new teams, new levels, and new members. We all played our last game, and were off to a new start. Once the new season started, we met our new team members, and started to practice. The upcoming Saturday was our first tennis competition. I was a shy girl, and meeting new people wasn’t as easy for me as it is for other people. They all looked frightening , and it was difficult to fit in. Adjusting to a new team wasn’t easy. They were…show more content…
First, I didn’t know anyone, and everyone wasn’t like the same old team I had. No handshakes before the game, no nothing. It was stuck in my head, and I missed the old things we had done. I tried to get the negative thoughts out, and focus. To me, tennis required teamwork to be successful. I knew it was my chance, so I went over to Lily. I started talking to her, and told her my plan that I used to always do. I went to the courts and started playing. I began with the ball, served, and won the first point. I grew more determined, I didn’t need my old team, but I certainly needed Lily. Lily, beside me gave me a thumbs up, and I knew that talking to her before the game was the right decision. I was exhausted before the last game, and felt like I ran a marathon. Back and forth the ball went, and when it was the last game, 40-40, Lily and I were already making a puddle with our sweat. I felt so much pressure, and since I had missed the ball before, I grew confident to win. I served again, I felt the ball roll off my fingertips, and rise into the air. This was the last hit I got, so I made it my best. I hit the ball as hard and accurately as I could. Lily jumped to my side, and everything happened like a snap of a finger. “We won!” Lily said with so much relief. “Wait what? We did?” I replied. “Yes! Look! You did great!”. Lily was clearly adrenalized. I walked to the middle of the court with a grin on

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