Descriptive Essay: The American Civil War

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The wind howled across the landscape, blowing strands of dark hair into his haggard face. His bloodshot eyes spontaneously blinked, temporarily shielding him from the last man that he would ever set his eyes on. But this sanctuary was quickly shattered by the sharp crack of a nearby rifle. A fellow enemy of the democracy crumpled to the dirt with a light thud. His tongue slid over his cracked, blood-stained lips, sending a jolt of pain through his weary features. Streaks of crimson dripped onto his parched tongue, and a shockwave of rust assailed his mouth. With excruciating effort, he dragged his exhausted body - prosthetic arm and all - to the splotches of brown and crimson that littered the wall. Movement. His eyes fluttered back to the grim, soot-faced man that was standing in front of him. The tip of the rifle began to move upwards.…show more content…
The rifle moved higher. It was threatening his hips now. I started the revolution. An ebony cylinder glared at his torso as it slowly rose. I changed the United States. A long, dark tube appeared in front of his head. He thought of his friends, and the treacherous path that lay ahead of them. Maybe, someday, they would bring peace and stability back to this defiled Earth. A torch in a world swallowed by darkness. A flutter of hope in a world of despair. A hero in a world without heroes. He had heard his companions say this about him numerous times. He had heard countless civilians say this about him. The others looked up to him as a hero, as the father figure that they wanted to be. Now, it was their turn. It was their turn to light the fire that would guide the world to freedom. It was their turn to invoke that flutter of hope into the fallen United States. It was their turn to become heroes. The rifle clicked. I am this world’s first hero. The wind howled. A shot rang out. A mop of unkempt dark hair fell to the ground. “Majin Tobias. Enemy of the
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