Descriptive Essay: The Best Baseball Player

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Then they pull into the parking lot of the field. Then Brooke runs into the locker room. Brooke gets changed and comes back out all ready to go. She goes and finds a partner to warm up with. She choses Paige. Paige is Brooke's best friend they have been for last 2 years. They warm up their arms and stretch they threw the ball back and forth to each other. The team gets off the field after they all get warmed up they all practice batting and all of that good stuff, so that the other team can get warmed up. Brooke's team is undefeated so far at least they have played everyone in the league and have obviously beat them all. If they win this game they will move on to the championship game. They are home so they get to bat last. Brooke is their best batter home runs almost every time. So obviously she bats 4th so there is a pretty good chance that she can hit a grand slam. The first 3 usually get on base or a walk with this team. The other team is all warmed up so they are now ready to play. Brooke is first basemen, and Paige is pitcher. Paige threw the first pitch.
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