Descriptive Essay : The Day Of The Day

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Painting the warm tangerine Indian sky, the sun retreats for the day. A swirling mist envelopes the cacophony of the city, ushers in a soothing touch to a highly humid atmosphere. The zephyrs simultaneously clear the bituminous asphalt by stealing away decayed leaves and wilted petals. They whirl around, lingering as if caught in a vicious catfight, to finally disappear into the vast unknown. The silhouette of the sinking sun descends faultlessly into the almost placid lake, its waters stirred only by the symmetrical synchronization of paddling ducks. At the edge of the lake, a family of four is ineptly lobbing bits of soggy bread and rice to the ducks. Their most energetic and youngest member, supporting a shocking mop of scarlet red hair, wearing rugged jeans and a cowboy hat, is incessantly trying to sail small brightly coloured paper boats on the mirrored surface of the water. Surrounding the crystal clear water, caught in a merry dance of their own, are a kaleidoscopic palette of blooming bright blooms standing tall among the green blades of sod. Doubtlessly, the lavish green turf with a sparkle of colours is a merry sight to behold. Millions of silver tinted sprinklers placed strategically spout out the daily dose of requisite replenishment to the lush vegetation. Tweet, tweet, tweet… the melodious humming of canary birds, flying back home after a hard day’s work, permeates the calm surroundings adding a touch of musical beats to this harmonious and picture perfect

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