Descriptive Essay : ' The Golden Chariot '

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One thing that almost everyone in the world desires is love. The presence of someone you’re comfortable with can be pure bliss. Pluto lived by this phrase, he wanted nothing more in this world other than love or friendship. Pluto arrived on earth on his luxurious chariot carried by powerful black steeds while dressed in his best royal blue cloak. His golden chariot was encrusted with various precious gemstones, it also had wheels made of pure silver and seats of coffee brown cashmere. Even though his belongings were quite extravagant and his supremacy tremendous he still managed to make his way to the local market. His long silky black hair fluttered in the wind along with his dark draping cloak. Pitch black curls rested on his chin paired…show more content…
Strangely enough, their eyes eventually met, she was gentle young woman who had just finished asking a question to a snooty vendor, but he didn’t seem to care and gave her the cold shoulder instead. Many other vendors would do the same to her, hastily answer and hurry her to pay. She hung her head from rejection and shuffled away to continue shopping. Seeing her so miserable made Pluto feel guilty so he decided to try and comfort her. The young woman had wavy caramel brown hair and angelic olive-green eyes. Furthermore, her dress was a lovely sky blue with brown accents, it was so long and flowing that it could almost reach her tattered sandals. She seemed to not care about the state of her clothes too much because dirt and mud were glued to her shoes and the edges of her dress. Yet she still looked stunning even though her outfit was slightly dirty. Pluto observed as she strayed from booth to booth until he finally mustered enough courage to approach her. He noticed she was carrying a hefty basket crammed with several different meats and offered to help her carry it. “Do you need help with that?” he asked as he pointed to her luggage. “I’m okay, I can carry it myself.” she humbly declined. “It’s lovely out today, isn’t it?” she mentioned. “It is.” They both lifted their heads in unison and admired the sky. “Pardon me, but may I ask your name?” “It’s Calliope, and you?” she inquired. “I

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