Descriptive Essay : ' The Heart Of The Universe'sounds Exciting And Remarkable

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An adventure to the Heart of the Universe? Sounds exciting and remarkable. A place filled with wonderful human beings and their unique ways of living and surviving. A place filled with adventure! Background 1502, Panama was explored and discovered by Columbus and then later on by Balboa in 1513. In the 16th Century, Panama was delved into by Spain and Spanish became its official language. In 1821, Panama joined the Republic of Gran Colombia; a joint union of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. In the colonial days, to be able to import and export goods between South and Central America, they have to operate through Panama. 1903 a treaty was signed between Panama and the U.S. to have U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build the Panama Canal between 1904 and 1914. Panamanians commend an impressive plan to expand the Canal. Such project was started in 2007 with an estimated cost of $5.3 billion and it is expected to be finished and complete in 2016. This project will not only expand the Canal but it will also double its capacity. Geography: Panama City is the capital of Panama and it is located in southernmost in Central America, connecting both North and South America. Panama is also bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, and it also shares land borders with two other countries, Colombia and Costa Rica. It is slightly smaller than South Carolina with a population of 3,657,024 (July 2015 EST). Climate zone is usually hot, humid, and cloudy; with a prolonged

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