Descriptive Essay : ' The Jungle Night On The Hunt '

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Leaving my automotive class, I remember the clear night sky filled with stars, the air chilly and crisp little did I know my journey home would be far from routine. Making the right hand turn driving down the street like I’ve done at least a thousand times before, both sides littered by an assortment of cars, vans, and other vehicles, so passing was difficult, if not impossible. Stalking like a panther in the jungle night on the hunt in my wife’s blacked out 2003 Jaguar S-type R I came up behind a white Ford Explorer that was stopped in the middle of the street. Stopped in this blockade of vehicles, I was thinking ok, maybe it’s an elderly person driving, I was patient and giving them some time. Concerned about approaching any closer due…show more content…
“What are you doing!?” I said to the silhouette of a man, after swiftly exiting my car. Sensing something was wrong, with the driver’s door open he just stood there shaking his head. A minor chill of the night cased the air, drafting between my clothes as I quickly closed the distance between us. I was preparing to engage if threatened by an assault and not to become a statistic of senseless violence. Little did I know what was actually going to happen, as a sudden sensation of butterflies filled my stomach flowing through my arms and legs with an electrified tickle. Realizing now, not calling the police on my end was a mistake, capturing pictures of each other’s insurance information through our mobile phones, his only response was “I was having a bad day.” Clearly, I was determined his insurance was going pay after all, he did hit me, having the desire for retaliation or even some street justice, I shifted my mindset to a more positive outcome, but like any situation, you never what’s going to happen. Arriving home, my wife already in a deep peaceful slumber, I said “Bae, I was just in an accident in the Jaguar.”
She said “What!!” her eyes now wide open and fully awake with nervous excitement, she shot straight up out of bed and like a missile running down to the garage to see the car. Calming down she asked if I was ok, replying I was fine. We were both thinking back to spring 2015 when my

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