Descriptive Essay : ' The Mountains Of The City '

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The mountains adjacent to Sokcho, in all their transcendent glory, are the cornerstone of the city. The enveloping, menacing stature of these natural wonders will undoubtedly be a long-lasting memory of mine. Vanishing from view at night, these ancient marvels re-emerge the following day, possessing a charm that makes looking away the most arduous of tasks, each time appearing just as towering, bold, and dazzling as the first. Millions flock to Seoraksan National Park every year to experience the vertiginous slopes and compelling views and it’s with deep regret that I wasn’t one of them. Consequently, my stay in Sokcho was left incomplete, and a tinge of sadness was felt on the way home. Never to such an extent while travelling have I…show more content…
I can’t say that I subscribe to Confucius’ idea (unsurprisingly) that happiness is found in the act of climbing as opposed to being at the top. Neither can I say that I’ve had any philosophical epiphanies at a mountain’s peak, much less while trudging my way up. When hearing others speak of being more in tune with virtue or spirituality, I instinctively (in most cases) view it as typical human embellishment.

Fast-forwarding now to a month after my Sokcho trip, I very recently reintroduced myself to the flourishing mountain culture of Korea by attempting to climb one in the city of Dongtan. While making my way towards its entrance I received an odd look from two people that’d just made their way down, which at the time I put down to my foreignness and height, but with hindsight’s benefit, it just might’ve been my visible lack of preparation for the impending task. Not being oblivious to my appearance, I was aware my choice of clothing was rather unorthodox for someone intending to climb a mountain, especially when you throw recent weather conditions into the mix. An act of recklessness I should probably say.

It took approximately seventeen minutes before my boots started giving me problems. Having been loyally served by four pairs of the same ones for the past four years it pains me to express the following: an era is now well and truly over. Background story: in the space

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