Descriptive Essay: The Pow Universe

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The POW Universe was in for a special treat tonight, as the newly returned Kelly Kelly was set to take on one of her oldest rivals in Maryse. The two blondes met in an epic clash, K2 showing that in her time away from the ring she had not been idle. A new move set gave the French Canadian more than she’d bargained for, ultimately landing Kelly the victory. Though once the referee had counted to three, the blonde Floridian would do something that would leave the masses speechless…

Audible gasps were heard all around as Kelly Kelly slipped from the ring after receiving a pin fall in her favor, only to return to her fallen opponent with a chair in hand. Without batting an eye, the Floridian viciously assaulted the French Canadian and many cringed
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“The Kelly Kelly you once? Has been left to sleep in the dirt where she belongs.” Her icy blue gaze feel upon a select few within the crowd, before studying the camera lens directly so her message was felt by not only those in the crowd, but the millions watching at home.

“No longer are you going to see a goody two shoes, that sits idly waiting for long over due opportunities to fall in her lap. No longer will things be sunshine, rainbows and smiles for days.” Venom dripped off of her every word as she spoke, clearly disgruntled with the way she’d portrayed herself to the masses in the past. “I was practically a child the last time I set foot in a wrestling ring… but now?” She paused for effect, a huff echoing across the arena before she continued.

“Now, I’m a woman that knows just exactly what I want… and I’m going to stop at nothing to obtain it. I don’t who or what dares to stand in my way.” The blonde threw her microphone down with finality, making her exit from the ring as the crowd broke out in anxious murmurs over the complete 180 the Jacksonville native presented them
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