Descriptive Essay : ' Thunder '

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As they crested the rise, Riasean and Larah looked out at Cazidor. In front of them, to the West, lay undulating plains, ending in the rocky boundary of the Allurian Sea, where it pounded the shores of the long narrow kingdom. The road they were on plunged down the slopes and turned north into a copse of trees before reappearing again, just outside a small village astride the road. To their far right, they could see the spires of Wolfbern rising toward the sky. The rumble of thunder echoed behind them, and they turned to look. Small rocks careened from the hillsides.
“What is happening?” Larah asked.
“Thunder but no sign of clouds? Strange. We had better get to the main road before we find out what it is.”
Larah nodded in agreement, and they spurred their horses toward the village. But by the time they blended in with the few travelers on the road, the disturbance in the pass had disappeared.
To avoid being overheard by others riding close by, Larah spoke in low tones to Riasean. “What do you know about getting to the Valley of Eternal Darkness?”
“The valley is accessible through the New Moon Gate in the Black Tower of the Citadel. But getting to the gate and using it will be difficult. The Oligarchs of the Citadel keep tight control over access. They have enchanted the entrance so that you must have a ‘Moonstone’ to pass through it.
In ages past, one could get these ‘Moonstones’ readily from Citadel’s Gatekeeper, navigate the pass, and take the high road to the lands

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