Descriptive Essay : Traveling For The Airport In One Day?

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The Plane “Kids are you ready?”, I asked. “We are leaving for the airport in one hour”. “Yes! We are packed and ready. We cannot wait to see Grandpa Dylan” my kids stated. We are flying to Montana to see my father. We have not seen him in over two years. This is going to be my kids first time on a plane. They are so excited to be able to have the experience of going on a plane. The only downside is we are flying at night so they will not be able to see as much as they could during the day! It is around Seven O'clock p.m and we started boarding the plane, I am sitting by my wife and my two kids are sitting in the seats behind us. Before we took off the pilots warned us that planes that have been flying over this airspace have been experiencing bad turbulence, this worried my kids. We are about one hour into our flight, the flight attendants are handing out pretzels and cups of soda. We have already been served and the attendant was towards the back of the plane and swiftly it feels as if the plane dropped twenty feet. The flight attendant flew to the front of the plane and hit her head on the door to the pilots cockpit. Her blood is running down the carpet along the center of the plane. My kids are screaming and everyone is in shock of what just happened. The pilots went on the loudspeaker and stated, “That is the turbulence we told you about earlier.” However they did not know what just happened to the flight attendant. No one got up to help her because everyone
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