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Growing up everyone had their favorites. They had their favorite food, favorite activity, favorite show, favorite people, and even a favorite place to go. Things were so much simpler as a kid because you did not have to worry about things since almost all decisions were made for you. Looking back at my childhood most memories I thought I had, have disappeared never to be seen again. Although most memories have vanished I still have a few that I will always remember and one of those was a yearly trip to a swimming pool called Springdale which was about an hour from my house. Springdale was more than just a swimming pool, it was a camping ground as well. Even though You could drive there in the morning and spend the day at the pool until close then go back to your vehicle and sleep through the night. Because of this unique aspect people have come from far too close to enjoy Springdale. I personally never camped out there, but I have enjoyed all the great features this place has offered. The tradition of this trip for my family started when I was a baby, well I thought it did. As I grew older my parents had told me the reason that we went to Springdale every year was because my father had gone there growing up as well. This to me made the trip even better because I knew that it was a trip that not only my brother and I looked up to, but my father did too. Another reason this trip made me grateful to go is because it was not just my family and I it was my aunts and uncles and
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