Descriptive Essay: Turner's Ability To Ride Home

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Each Tuesday and Thursday, it is my responsibility to drive my brother, Nick, and his friend, Turner home from basketball practice. At first, I was reluctant to think it would be enjoyable, but after nine weeks of it, I have found that my first intuition was accurate. After only nine weeks of this encroachment, I am prepared to give up my license and ride the bus if that means saving my car for those repulsive boys. Week by week, the trolls surge out of the locker-room looking for their ride home. After spotting my car they begin their scuttle to wherever I am parked looking like a bunch of long legged apes. Their faces glisten in the light of the setting sun as they bounce their low hanging backpacks off the back of their legs. Rubbing their …show more content…

After cramming Nick in the back seat, Turner plops down in the front seat, his spiked black hair brushing sweat all over the ceiling of my car. Once we are all concealed into the confined space, the windows begin to fog up because of all of the heat that is radiating from the boys. While turning on the defrosters, I begin to smell the most repugnant stench coming from my passengers. To this day, I still do not know which part of them it is coming from, yet if I had to guess, it would probably be their shoes, and their sweaty bodies concocting the atrocious odor. It smells as if someone had peed on a dog, then threw some leaves on it and set it on fire. Gasping for fresh air, I decide to roll down the windows to let some of the toxic gas out. The next and most insulting thing that they do is insult my music by saying “That’s Gay!” and proceed change the radio to a channel of their liking. What comes next is what I can only describe as loud noises and yelling. My thoughts immediately begin to question how much the sound system in the car can take, and after a few versus, I begin to doubt how much my ear drums can handle. As the boys begin to roar along, they start to rock in their seats, and the next sight makes my eyes bleed almost every …show more content…

Sweat Stains – the light interiors’ worst nightmare, begin to swell up beneath the boys. I try not to glare at the havoc the sweat molecules were wreaking as they soaked between the grey fibers of my car seats. With each backward –forward motion only spreading the stench, I must refocus myself to be sure I do not run off of the road. Accelerating more quickly, I try to get home as fast as possible before my car is completely destroyed. I grip the steering wheel with such conviction that after a while my hands begin to sweat, thus making the leather quite slippery to

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