Descriptive Essay: Union Grove

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In my hometown could you find friendly people with stalls lined along Main Street. Newly picked flowers, glistening apples, and crisp bottled honey surrounded me. It was the monthly farmer’s market, after all. Going to the county fair proved to be a worthwhile pastime too. Mooing cows filled my ears while to my left I could see a group of kids smoking a blunt. My school was filled with whispers, gossiping or uttering the n-word while others murmured proudly of how they were going to vote for Donald Trump. This town of 4,000 residents was home — and it could also be your home too. Known for its history, people, and activities, there are many surprises located in this small yet cozy village.
Union Grove got its start in the nineteenth century. John E Dunham investing in 80 acres to establish his own home. The first school was built a decade later; Governor Dodge named both the establishment and village after the grove of oak trees adjacent to Highway 45 along with the school’s
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Numerous Caucasians, four Latinos, and less than two Asians annually flock to the community in favor of small town living. But no matter how diverse Union Grove’s neighborhoods are, the clique that takes the lead are the farmers. The pick of the litter, those that work in agriculture are what make Union Grove the lovely village it is. They are responsible for providing food to the supermarket, for contributing milk to the schools, for lining the hallways with the sweet aroma of manure and burnt rubber. But have no fear, for this coterie is a friendly one — so long as you share their opinions. Conservatism is common here, making it a man’s game and an unfit ground for the poor. However, so long as you throw away your sense of individualism, you and your family can find a warm, welcoming home in Union Grove. But there is more to this hearty community than just the people — such as
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