Descriptive Essay : ' Walking Down ' And ' The New Adventure '

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Walking up to L.J. Stevens Intermediate School in rural Wilmington, Illinois brings curiosity and excitement to me getting to interview a teacher that I’ve seen through the years but never had more than just a casual exchange of greetings with. As I am buzzed through the door stating my reason for the visit, I sign in, hand over my state issued ID and I am told where the teacher is located…second door on the left. I am buzzed through another set of doors and the new adventure begins. As I enter Miss Stralow’s classroom she is teaching the students in math. Miss Strawlow introduces me to the class, they smile and wave/say “Hi Mrs. Jasso”. I’m early so I sit in the back of the room observing her teaching and the students interest and participation in the math sheet, it’s about subtraction. Miss Stralow does not have a smart board in her room but she does have a projection machine and a dry erase board which works just as well for this second-grade classroom. It’s quite amazing to watch Miss Stralow in action teaching simple subtraction solutions. As I glance around the classroom I do notice a couple students who are not like the other students, I can’t wait for this interview to begin The math lesson is over, the students are going to use the bathroom and then off to gym class. Miss Stralow invites me to go with them, I do so with a grin on my face. They students line up in boy/girl lines at the door. Miss Stralow walks with them out of the class, lets

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