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Where was home? I could never find it. Not in the old apartment I used to live in, not in the house I lived in now. The closest I remembered ever getting to the feeling of home was in my room, but it still didn 't feel right. It hid from me. It taunted me. I could never catch it. Then we went to visit a country, my home country. România. We landed in the main city, Bucharest. However, as the landscape settled, creating a picture holding familiarity, it stirred no sense of nostalgia. Nonetheless, it was still a sight to see, holding the wealthy, holding the beggarly, and the city dawning with art and vulgarity. The aforementioned was a horrid beauty, the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a beautiful Europe. But among all the grime, the city seemed…show more content…
These views created a symphony of colours, from its calm blues, greys, and whites its striking yellows, greens, and oranges. The scene felt as if it was painted with God’s own hand, and seemed to lull my car-sick self into a trance. I woke up in front of a petite house, but the immediate recognition of it hit me with a wave of emotions. Homesick. Esthatic. Love. However, what feeling prominently stood above all holding its hand out, at last, welcoming me into its warm embrace, was that feeling of home.

At six in the morning, the birds sing. Without fail, the birds announce the coming of this hour with a mellifluous tune, their songs sweeping the house; luring any sleeping soul from a deep slumber by whispering sweet nothings into their ears. Once awake, you would be hit by an aroma of morning dew and roses; a mystifying smell, for there seems to be to be no roses for miles, only tulips and daisies hold their scents, giving their secrets to only the closest of residents. But the roses are blabbermouths, seeming to be shameless with nothing to hide; the wind seeming to eat it up, gossiping with every house about what the rose conveys. The scent lures its captives to the front of the house, rewarding them with a heart-stopping view: flower beds sprinkles on the

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