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Who I am Four blue walls and a quaint window seat make up a room that contains all that defines me. Upon entering this room one’s eyes fall immediately upon four key objects: a surfboard, Polaroid photos, an open book that is filled with writing in the margin, and a stereo. Each belonging is a puzzle piece, a part of who I am. When pieced together, Renee Swager is the resulting image. I keep these items in my room to shed light on who I am. On the first wall lies a surfboard. The mounted board is cratered and worn from summers spent surfing at Chincoteague Island, my home away from home. Surfing is my passion. Nothing compares to the serene feeling of paddling out into the vast ocean and waiting for a set of waves to roll in. It takes…show more content…
The book will always remain open because I am still making my path and daily look to the book for inspiration. Opposite this wall sits a black stereo on a white nightstand. Hundreds of songs of different genres have been played on this stereo throughout my years in high school. I find that indie rock and jazz music has caught my attention the most over the years. There is great contrast between these genres. However both are important to me because they evoke an emotion of happiness in different ways. In both genres the lyrics are written with purpose and a meaning. Both Nat King Cole and Dan Croll will share the spotlight on my stereo. A last glance back when exiting my room would make one think that it contains very little. Yet, I find that it holds all that I could ever hope for. It is not an abundance of material possessions that makes me feel complete. Instead, the words of Salinger, the hanging photos of smiling faces, and a mounted worn down surfboard while Nat King Cole sings “Unforgettable” in the background leave me feeling most myself. Young Justice I was born with a sense of righteousness before I even knew its meaning. If I ever felt that someone had wronged me or others I sought to make things right no matter what it took. My first quest for justice began at an early age of seven. I had always been proud of my mother for having been a nurse. She chose a life of helping others. Though she was no longer an active nurse

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