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The Woods

I don’t know why we thought it was such a great idea to go to the woods on a rainy day. What were we thinking? I thought ‘hey maybe we can have an adventure and explore around those woods we always pass by.’ What a horrible mistake, but I wasn’t the only one who thought that was the best idea ever at the time.

It was a gloomy day, the dusty clouds taking up space from the grey sky, laying down on my comfy bed as I’m wrapped around with my blanket, I decided to check on my phone. “Hey, want to hang out today?”


“What should we do?”

“Let’s go to the woods that’s near your house”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea!” I quickly got up and put on some shorts and a tank top. I looked around my room and finally found my black shoes and decided to bring an umbrella too just in case it rain hard. I was so excited to go explore and take beautiful pictures at the woods. I grab my bag and told my dad I was ready to leave to my friend’s house, I remember the car ride felt like it took forever. Finally, I arrive at her house, I knock on her door and as usual her Russian terrier starts to bark. “Taylor shut up or go outside!” I could just hear her screaming at the dog to calm down. The door opened slowly and there she was, I could tell she was also excited to go and explore around just like me. “Hey Lirio, come inside.”

“Are you ready to have an adventure” with such happiness on my
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