Descriptive Essay : Your Family Photos Down From The Walls

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Your home reflects your identity and your taste -- but it may not feel like home to a prospective buyer. Simplify your home décor to appeal to a wide variety of tastes when preparing to sell your house. 1. Take your family photos down from the walls. They are undoubtedly beautiful, but you want buyers to imagine their own family portraits hanging there. 2. If you are repainting for a fresh, clean effect, choose a light color. To make the room seem even brighter, paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. 3. Use lighting to make the proportions of the room look their best. If a room is too wide, brighter lighting at the narrow ends will widen it visually. If, on the other hand, the room is too narrow, having brighter lights on the wide sides will bring it into balance. 4. If some rooms seem a bit dark, place spotlights on the floor behind the furniture. The extra light will brighten the room without adding a conspicuous number of lamps. 5. If your window treatments are outdated or shabby, replace them with simple mini-blinds. 6. Take some of your furniture out of each room. You want your rooms to look as large and airy to welcome their new owners. Having less furniture in sight will create this feeling. Don 't leave the house empty, though, even if you 've already moved, as it usually is more difficult to sell a completely empty house. Most buyers find it difficult to imagine their own furniture in a house. Seeing furniture in each room will help them imagine…
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