Descriptive Experience Of A Restaurant

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The Wool Growers Basque Restaurant is located on the East side of Bakersfield. The location is in a bad part of town. The outside of the building doesn’t look very appealing and the location is surrounded by old buildings and old neighborhood houses. As I arrived I was surprised to see a full parking lot. When I entered the restaurant I encounter a heavy crowd in the bar section. I was shocked to see only white people from old to middle age. As I was walking down the hall to the dining area, I could see many pictures of family generations. My classmates were there already, so we sat down and ordered our meals. The place was packed! It seems like this is a very traditional family restaurant. All the tables were occupied with grandparents, parents, and children. I could guess, there were about 150 people, and only Eva, Angie, Mirna, the waiter and I were Mexicans! I’m assuming that many of the clientele has been going to this restaurant as a family tradition. It was a neat experience. The food was good. Vallarta Supermarket There are several Vallarta supermarkets in Bakersfield, but I usually frequent the one on Panama Road close to freeway 99. It’s cleaner and less crowed. I’m amazed by the large variety of fruits and vegetables. Vallarta has more variety of Mexican and Central American produce than any other stores in Bakersfield. Every time I go there, it reminds me of the Mercado from Mexico. The store’s costumers are mainly Hispanic, but I can see a
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