Descriptive Framework

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Descriptive Framework The virtual organization that I selected for the Organizational Communication Analysis is Kelsey Elementary School. As a mother of a fifth grader, I am always interested in the communication efforts associated with elementary schools. In the past, school administrators and teachers were only able to communicate in person, through written correspondence, or by telephone. The technological advancements of the 21st century provide school faculty with the opportunity to connect with others using a plethora of communication methods, but the first step to conducting an Organizational Communication Analysis is to develop a framework that provides a clear description of the school. Kelsey Elementary School According to…show more content…
Additional stakeholders include parents, legal guardians, caretakers, taxpayers, elected officials, community organizations, and the local city government. The Services According to the Kelsey Elementary School website, resources available at the school include a newly remodeled computer lab, media center, and choir room. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through school sponsored activities such as spelling bees, science fairs, academic competitions, and musical presentations. Extracurricular activities offered include student council, orchestra, chorus, and chess club. In addition to the educational opportunities provided, the school makes social services available to students by providing support for students with special needs, counseling services, a lunch program, and a school/community liaison. Parent volunteers support classroom activities, social gatherings, and fundraising events all aimed toward strengthening the school community. Kelsey Elementary also sponsors regular Parent Information Sessions about education within the Kelsey Unified School District. Communication Variables All organizations have communication variables, but some of those variables are unique to elementary learning environments. The school’s faculty receives communication in the form of professional growth plans, formative evaluations, and summative evaluations. These processes are in place to ensure that educators are evaluated on a
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