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“GOAL!”, Shikhar had scored a goal. I was at my friends house, my face buried in the red, leather couch. In front of me was a 65 inch Samsung television My friend and I were playing FIFA on my XBOX and he was destroying me so far in the game. It was only the second minute and he had already scored. My team was FC Barcelona and his team was Real Madrid. I had the legendary forward and he had the legendary FIFA skills. I was mad and I really felt sad after he scored and I was determined to score a goal and win the game. That was mostly because before we started the game we both made a bet of 15 dollars and would be popular at school. He also had a disadvantage in one key area , fortunately. That was his formation. His formation was a 4-3-3 attack which was three forwards three midfielders, a left back, a right back, two center backs, and one goalie. I had a 4-3-3 holding which meant that I had a defensive midfield instead of just three plain old midfielders. Overall, this meant that I had a better structure and could defend and while he could only attack well. Madrid had the ball and it was Modric, one of their midfielders who was dribbling. I made Sergio Busquets ( defensive midfield) do a slide tackle. The ball ricocheted off Modric’s foot and went straight to Ousmane Dembele ( left forward ). Then came the mind blowing moves. He dribbled past the midfield and the forward. Then, he sombrero flicked Carvajal ( opposition’s right back), nutmegged Sergio Ramos ( opposition’s
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