Descriptive Personal Experience Essay

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As I got on the plane I was not able to handle all of my excitement. I would be having a new adventure in Italy. It would take about 12 hours to arrive. During that time I would be sleeping, looking for fun tourist attractions, and sleeping some more. The plane finally landed just a few minutes ago on Central Italy and now I await my taxi. Once the taxi arrived and took me to my hotel I decided to go sightseeing. As I was driving to the Orvieto Cathedral I got lost. Without reception for my phone I decided to ask a woman near by. As I approached her she looked very well built and strong. As I neared her I noticed that she was also holding a child. I then asked, “Excuse me, do you know how to get to the Orvieto Cathedral from…show more content…
I then asked what year it was. “523 BC,” she replied. I then stood in amazement for several minutes trying to comprehend how this is at all possible. Breaking the silence, she asked, “What year do you think it is?” I told her it was 2017. She looked at me in the most puzzled way after my response. “That 's impossible,” she remarked, “we just barely conquered all of Rome.” “No, that 's impossible, you conquered Rome thousands of years ago,” I remarked. Mala then look at me as if I were lying to her. Trying to prove to me she was correct she told me of all their discoveries and recent accomplishments. “My people have recently taken over Rome, built drains, made tunnels that take away excess water, and we have paved streets with brick houses. Not to mention that we have lances, axes, swords, and daggers in bronze,” “Well, my people have many great discoveries and accomplishments too.” I then proceeded to tell her of basic things like electricity, cement, and flowing tap water. I feared that if I told her anything more about things such as planes and iPhones she might freak out. Once I finished she told me that I was lying and that no such things would ever exist now, but only in the future. That 's when she made the connection that I was from the “future.” However, really, I was in the present and she was in
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