Descriptive School Day

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School Day I’ve told this story many times before and to this day, I have not run out of questions. It was a regular school day, nothing was out of the ordinary. I woke up at five in the morning, showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed and waited for my mom to finish getting ready while I played video games, as I do every day. The drive to school was just like every other drive to school. Mom was asking questions, trying to get some intel on my life, just like any other mother of a 16 year old teen. When we drove past school I felt weird. There was a pit in my stomach; I felt nervous. It was the same feeling that you’d get on the first day of school. I walked in and I saw Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been my crush since the sixth grade.…show more content…
I quickly rushed to the window, when I did everyone started yelling at me telling me not to, but I needed to. My sister was on her lunch break and I had no idea where she was and what I saw, when I looked out the window worried me even more. Everyone out there looked terrified there were flashes everywhere, bodies falling, people crying, others rushing to find a spot to hide and there was nothing anyone could’ve done to help out. Our teacher locked us in the room and told us to hide. I was crying hysterically, but I needed to pull myself together. Elizabeth was next to me, panicking and I needed to help her. We were hiding under the teacher’s desk, when we heard all the shooting stop all together. Afterwards we hear loud knocking, it was a girl begging to be let in. We didn’t understand why she was being so loud, if she was trying to get away from those psychotic murders. Maybe it was just the paranoia in me, but I got that same sense that something terrible was about to happen. I began to question, if she was trying to get us caught or something. Why did she choose our class out of all the others? Our class was all the way at the end of the hallway, at the very front of the hallway, there was an intersection to the other hallway. The bathrooms were in that other hallway, if she was in the bathroom when this went down, why didn’t she go to one of those other classes in that hallway or the first
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