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Question 1 1) Frequency distribution of age Shape of graph – bimodal with 2 curves • Frequency distribution of number of miles to class 1- Shape of graph- positively skewed (as tail on right) Question 2 Descriptive statistics of miles Descriptive statistics of minutes Descriptive statistics for age Descriptive statistics for Meals eat out Descriptive statistics for Job Experience Descriptive statistics for Coffee Descriptive statistics for Books read Descriptive statistics for languages Question 3 1. Percentage of diet drinks preferred in class 2. Percentage of students born in USA 3. Percentage of students preferring different restaurants 4. Percentage of Males and Females Question 4 Semiconductor…show more content…
Of the 22 students surveyed on miles with range of 68 the mean is 21.34, Median is 15, Mode is 2 and standard deviation is 3.87. By computing number of minutes’ drive to class, out of 22 student’s travelled with range of 65, mean is 33.86 which suggests most of students are living far from campus, median 32.5 and mode is 20 which suggest majority are living within 20 minutes’ drive. The standard deviation to data is 21.79. By computing number of meals eaten out per week, out of 22 students mean is 4.31 slightly higher than median and mode due to maximum variables 15 and 14, median is 2 and mode is 2 which reveals the fact that majority spends twice a week to eat out. The standard deviation of data is 4.22. By computing number of years of job experience, out of 22 students mean is 6.34 higher than median and mode due to two students have more than 20 years of work experience, median is 3 and mode is 1 which suggest majority students have only one year work experience. The standard deviation of data is 7.56. By computing number of cups of coffee students drink per week, out of 22 students 16 students are not consuming coffee so median and mode is 0 while the mean is 4.09 mainly because two students are consuming 28 times in a week. The standard deviation of the data is 8.60. By computing number of books read per year outside of class texts, out of 22 students majority are not reading any text because mode is 0 , median is
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