Descriptive Statistics Essay

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Introduction to descriptive statistics help:

Definition of Statistics:

In simple terms, statistics is termed as a branch of mathematics which basically deals with collection of data and its subsequent analysis and interpretation both qualitatively and quantitatively. In most of the cases the data is numerical, but there are also cases when the data is non-numerical such as relationship between objects.

Without statistics, it would be difficult to maintain anything numerical in nature and extremely difficult to go through the daily routines of life. Imagine watching a baseball match or basket match without knowing the score of each team or imagine going to a super mart trying to find the latest manufactured milk product without having the manufactured date printed on the milk product carton.

The person who is well versed in statistics is called a statistician and is supposed to have a good knowledge and understanding of the ways to collect data, maintain data, interpret/analyse data and finally present the data.

Help on Overview of Descriptive Statistics

Types of statistics:

There are many kinds of statistics being used out of which the most commonly used one is descriptive statistics which can be further sub-classified as numerical descriptive statistics and pictorial descriptive statistics.

Other forms of statistics are inferential statistics, psychological statistics, business statistics and so on.

Examples of Statistics


1. Frequency distribution to
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