Descriptive Statistics And Data Of A Distribution Of Job Accessibility And Mixed Land Use Essay

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5. Empirical Results

5.1. Descriptive Statistics

Table 1 presents the descriptive statistics of variables used in this study. Based on the ACS 2009-2013, the median housing price and median rent in the Chicago metropolitan area are $266,371 and $912, respectively. The average value of job accessibility and mixed land use are 1.01 and 2.57, respectively. Figure 3 presents a Kernel distribution of job accessibility and mixed land use, which shows that they have different distributions. Average room is 2.64 and average year built is 61. Average housing cost is $1,368. Average age and average household size are 36 and 2.66, respectively. The proportions of black and Hispanic are about 20%. Average residential density is 7.25 (housing/mile2), and the proportion of single housing is about 50%. The average distance to nearest park is 0.38mile, and the average vacancy rate is 10%. As discussed above, our unit of analysis is census tract, and 2,014 census tracts are used in this study.

Table 1. Descriptive Statistics and Data Source Variable Mean S.D. Data Source
Dependent Median Housing Price 266,371.02 137,715.70 ACS 2009-2013 Median Rent 912.06 347.67 ACS 2009-2013
Independent Land Use Job Accessibility 1.01 0.13 LEHD LODES Mixed Land Use 2.57 1.66 LEHD LODES
Control Housing Bedrooms 2.64 0.57 ACS 2009-2013 Built Year 61.68 145.90 ACS 2009-2013 Socioeconomic Housing Costs 1,368.28 500.72 ACS 2009-2013 Average Age 36.21 7.01 ACS 2009-2013 Household Size 2.66 0.54
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