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The housing market was once known as the biggest money making industry in the United States. Housing, which was the way our economy made the majority of their money, is now contributing less to the economic expansion. The decline in the housing market has raised many concerns throughout the entire country. This paper provides statistics on the United States population housing market, economy, demographical characteristics, demographical area and the large amount vacant property. Included in this research document are analysis of data sets, charts and graph to help interpret the housing crisis. Research Problem The purpose of this research is to determine why the housing market is in a downfall and if there is a way to get homeowners…show more content…
" Source: Census Bureau. (April 29, 2007). Vacant Homes Stacking Up Around the Nation. Housing Doom. Retrieved. November 9, 2008 from World Wide Web. Available: http://housing The housing market has been facing the outcome of a decline of community growth for homeowners refinancing their mortgages due to the increase of rising surroundings foreclosure rates. The rise in vacant homes have led to lower revenues for communities because the government is failing to support completely and come to the aid of existing struggling homeowners and persevering the opportunities for future owners. City managers, mayors, and other elected public officials have a moral obligation ask the federal government for assistance in order to alleviate the crisis. The real estate market can stabilize if the government will pass bills, which include tax provisions to help curb the rise in foreclosures. The situation will not get any better if homeowners do not advocate for reform in lending practices and by allowing the government to ignore the pleas for their homes not to be ended up on the auction block. The radical changes in the economy have left an exceptional mark on how society currently is viewing the housing market and the possible outcome of a recession. The US economy will undoubtedly slide into recession if the numbers of home values continue to drop, and continuing access to new credit. "The generally used
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