Descriptive Story Of The Emerald Forest

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When I heard the sound of crows cawing in the distance and felt the cold air against my skin, I knew I did not want to be in that cemetery. I was deep in the walls of the Emerald Forest Cemetery, when I saw a weird house. It was Halloween night, and I had already run into a lot of problems. Let me catch you up. You see what happened was that I was going trick or treating with my younger brother and dressed up to trick or treat, we stepped out of the house. The air had smelled of delicious candy. It was cold, even for the end of October, it felt as if all the heat had been drained away into the earth. Thinking nothing about it and chattering excitably, we made our way down the sidewalk, when one lamppost went out. Then two blinked out, then three, until the only light in the entire street was the gentle yellow flicker from within the garish jack-o-lanterns and the one at the Emerald Forest Cemetery. We looked at the jack-o-lantern next to us. There was a black cat on it. The black cat had glowing eyes and was sitting on the large orange pumpkin which was surrounded by dead yellow sunflowers. It smelled of foul odors and fish. The cat had made a horrible noise, but I payed no attention to it. Then we looked over at the Emerald Forest Cemetery. There were a lot of rumors about that cemetery, the most famous of them about a boy that went in there and never came back. No kid ever went into Emerald Forest Cemetery. Forgetting about candy entirely we stood with bemused
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