Descriptive Vacation In The City

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When travelers want to go on a vacation they normally want to be in an exotic place where the climate is warm everyday. A climate where there is no stop to heat. Every person that goes on vacation wants to feel relaxed. Travelers that go on vacation they most importantly want to have numerous days of fun.Dreaming of the best vacation where it's sunny everyday. A warm breeze that blows through the crystal clear ocean.The beach water glimmers as the sun is reflecting from the blue waters. There is a city in Brazil where it has a tropical climate, that city is Rio de Janeiro. Also, this city is the second most populated city in Brazil. “It’s no secret that Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world” (“Expedia” par.1). This city has the most breathing views that the people can’t take there eyes of the beautiful views. “Blessed with incredibly stunning natural setting” (“Expedia” par.1). Rio de Janeiro has immensely tall green mountains that overlook the city. The mountains are filled with green trees and emerald color grass. “Rio is famous for how drop dead gorgeous it is”(“Expedia” par.1). It’s just a beautiful place to enjoy with the whole family. The Rio de Janeiro beaches are the most popular attraction. Thousands of vacationers go to the city beaches to cool down on those hot days.” The incredible surfing waves off Prainha.Whether you conquer them yourself or just watch the water- Mateska 2 bound athletes skimming effortlessly over and
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