Descriptive Vacation In The Rainforest

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It’s summer vacation and I’m riding the gondola with my family up to the top of a rainforest in Costa Rica. My brother and I are preparing ourselves mentally, to zip line across the monstrous tree tops of the rainforest. I was feeling more and more frightened every time someone in gondola mentioned how high we were. Going up to the top, I felt the atmosphere change and suddenly the air was really moist, and I was almost immediately covered in sweat. We were at the top of the rainforest, overlooking all the brightly colored trees, Lake Arenal (the biggest lake in Costa Rica) at the bottom, and the clear bright blue sky. As we walked out the door to get off the gondola, you could instantly hear the frightened screams of the people who just got launched down the zip line. Even though my mom was not zip lining, she was the most uncomfortable and nervous out of us all, because she was scared to watch my brother and I zip line. As we were putting our helmets and harnesses on, you could smell the sweat of the previous owner of the used gear. The harness was extremely heavy almost to the point where you could barely walk. The gloves were very rough and smelled absolutely terrible. The helmet was very large and almost too tight for my head. Waiting in line, two kids behind me thought it was funny to bump helmets constantly, and the noise bothered my brother a lot, but not me, because all I could think about was how I was going to survive this. Waiting for my turn to jump, only made me more nervous. I was shaking heavily, gripping the railing really tight, and swatting away all the enormous and exotic bugs that I had never seen before. Suddenly it was my turn to get strapped in. I could feel every inch of my body shaking, and I could even sense the fear coming from my mom, who was watching from the ledge above. I could tell my dad and my other siblings weren’t scared for my brother and I, because all they were doing was taking pictures of us and admiring the view. The employee who was strapping me in was giving me tips like, “keep you legs up”, and “brake as you come into the landing port”, but I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying because I was so nervous and focused on getting it over with. As I was

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