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Everyone can imagine their own perfect getaway. My vacation to Orlando became the magnum opus summer trip. Before, most of my vacations with my family consisted of locations in Oklahoma and Texas. However, Orlando provided serendipitous moments of my life.

The vacation all started on August 22, 2016, with my family driving all the way to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. The airport greeted us with its huge, orange, and gray structure, as it swarmed with numerous people and their luggage. After waiting for our tickets, we arrived at our scheduled plane. The plane contained a Spirit logo with yellow, black, and white colors. After ten minutes of settling down, our massive flight took towards the luminous sky. Throughout the journey, the sky glowed like a large, orange lantern. I became amazed at the sky's beauty, as the Sun's rays kissed the humongous clouds. Once we landed in Orlando, the city sparkled with its large buildings and palm trees. The weather wrapped me and my family with a warm hug. After renting a car, we drove throughout the International Drive, a popular spot of Orlando, and saw incredible sights: the entrance of Universal Orlando, the entrance of Sea World, and billboards that came to life. After the sights, I felt that Orlando and I would make a beautiful friendship.

On August 23, my family and I visited the "Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium." The museum provided unique exhibits including a real-life shrunken head, the Feejee Mermaid, and a tunnel with vertigo illusions of rotating lights. The museum itself resembled a house broken in half during an earthquake. My personal favorite exhibit included a room that provided an optical illusion of it slanting to the right. It contained a pool table that gave a marvelous phenomenon of a ball acting like a boomerang once it collided into one of the holes. "Wow, that's amazing!", exclaimed my sister, Angelica. I felt more intrigued than ever before, as we all departed the museum.

On August 24, my family and I visited the "Disney's Animal Kingdom" theme park. The park gave an exotic atmosphere with its green, rainforest trees and bushes. The object that commanded the most attention included a large, human-structured tree known as the

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