Descriptive Writing A Beautiful Girl

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Beautiful Girl Ding dong! The bell rang a couple of times. I got up from bed. After the third time, I went downstairs and peeked through the small hole on the door. There was a man in a gray suit and a package resting on the ground. I opened the door and felt that I had a wild look. He did not even look up and he handed me the clipboard. He muttered about being late to his next route. I took the package from him and he finally looked up at me. When he saw me, he stared at me for quite a while. It was very awkward. I handed him the clipboard and he continued to stare at me. It was getting very creepy. I closed the door and went to my room. I looked through the bedroom to find him walking down the narrow path lined with flowers. He greeted a person wearing a fedora and a long tan coat. I caught the person’s face when he looked up at the window. My heart missed a beat as I thought about him seeing me. I thought he could see, but realized that he could not. My heart was beating faster than before. The mysterious person went to the left and the deliveryman went to the right. I closed the blinds and opened the package. I was excited when I saw the teal notebook that I have been trying to look for. It is teal and made out of leather. It is an expensive notebook. My friend had one and she noticed how much I loved journaling. She showed me where to buy it, but they decided to sell it online only. I had the frustrations trying to find the notebook. I finally got the notebook. I
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