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Digging her toes in the warm sand IlSeok soaked in the hues of reds and yellows as the sun sunk into the ocean. A humid breeze ruffed her long dark hair making her feel like she could fly with the birds diving over the water. She was an Island Princess dressed in a silk ball gown complete with elbow length white gloves and a tiara. Holding the light fabric out against the wind aware this was one of their play dresses all grown up. Hell, she had to be dreaming. Smoothing the aqua blue silk reminding IlSeok of a mermaid’s tail. It was the pretties of their play dresses with gloves and shoes . . . wiggling her toes. Where are the shoes? Hiking the silk skirt to her waist starting for the castle set majestically in the distance glowing with…show more content…
What time is it.” Eyes closed, licking her lips sure it was the middle of the night. Groggy with visions of her Prince and what she could only assume Minho as a Knight behind the lids of her eyes. “Going on nine. Are you still in bed?” “Yes. Why are you calling me so early?” “It’s late you’re usually up by seven.” “Whatever, what do you want?” “After taking Val home last night I stopped back by, you wanted to talk. I knocked on your balcony door. You must have been asleep already.” “Mmm . . .migraine. Took pills.” “Um, you want to talk now?” The events of last night flashed thru her mind, swiping a hand over her butt feeling the prickly hair of the perv blonde boy. “No.” she croaked. Catching the phone as she sat up raking the thick hair out of her face. “Busy today . . . have salon appointment then shopping with Mom.” “Well then will be over later after lunch.” No asking, he assumed it would be okay, “Don’t know if will be home by then, I’ll text you when were back.” The smell of coffee filtered into her room, the scent alone cleared the cobwebs out of her brain. “That’s okay, will hang out and swim until you get back. It’s important Soeky.” “Fine, whatever.” Worried she sat mute as the seconds ticked by should she ask about Val, if she spilled the beans about her and Hyun Joong?” Suni, did Val say anything last night?” “She mumbled all the way to her house, couldn’t make out what she was saying, why?” “No reason . . . later.” Hanging up she dropped

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