Descriptive Writing - Original Writing

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The young lady whose name you find out to be Areum hands you a towel as you walk into your office. You wipe your shoes off and pant legs. You settle yourself in the big space. You layout your phone, notebook, and glasses on the desk. You slip your glasses on and start writing down some important information about the company when you hear a knock on the door. You look up to see Seungcheol standing there. You nod and he enters your office. Seungcheol takes a seat across from you as you continue to write. You heart is beating out of your chest and frankly this might have been the most awkward situation you 've been in since that day. “So you look very different” Seungcheol states. “Don 't think i changed because or for you.” You scoff. And he shrinks back into his chair. You take off your glasses and pour the notebook to the side. “Seungcheol when i moved to new york you see i met new people and i changed because of their influence and my interests changed from studying business to studying fashion. That 's my story of the last few years.” You say laying your hands in your lap. “Well after i graduated high school i went on to college made so stupid decisions and graduated with a degree in business and now i 'm here.” He says with a srug. I live a normal life unlike you.” HE say as he points to you. “Seungcheol let 's just forget about each other.” You say as you stand up. “How can i forget about you when i loved you all this time even when we were back in school i love you.”

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